About me


I’m a writer, currently in my Second Year of a Masters Degree.

My main focus on writing recently has been my novel. It is a psychological thriller about a couple, a dangerous couple. They hate each other, but will kill to stay with each other. It is a story of the unstoppable force and the immovable object, and the collateral damage of hate, passion and tainted love.

This interest stemmed from a young age, I was always interested in comics, the flawed heroes and their nemeses. As my reading progressed I was inevitably drawn to authors such as Patricia Highsmith and Georges Simenon.10557332_10152534630065600_6962144624261907119_n

I have set a deadline to finish by the end of this academic year; it sounds longer than it feels. I have written short stories and flash fiction, but they have taken a back seat for this project; a hundred characters locked away in the bottom drawer of my desk, waiting.

With whatever spare time is allowed after my job as a glass decorator and writing, I like sports, any kind; I have a competitive streak. And I love pasta, could eat the stuff for breakfast.

If you would like to ask me any questions, please email me at – joboyle88@hotmail.co.uk


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